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IAAF Certified Tartan Track

Product name: Prefabricated synthetic rubber running track

Size: 13 CM(Customized),Length:15M, Width:1.22M

Application: Primary and secondary school track and field

Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Color Masterbatches, Antioxidants, Light Stabilizers.

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Product Paramenters:

Name Prefabricated synthetic rubber running track
Material Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Color Masterbatches, Antioxidants, Light Stabilizers.
Size 13 CM(Customized),Length:15M, Width:1.22M
Shock Absorption 35%-50%
Application Primary and secondary school track and field
Feature Wear-resistant,Heat-resistant,Waterproof,Anti-slip
Tensile Strength 0.5MPa 
Elongation at break 70%
Flame retardant Grade I


Product Description:

Prefabricated Rubber Athletics Running Track, composed of two different layers vulcanized together. The formulation of the top layer is different from that of the bottom layer.

The vulcanization process guarantees molecular bond between the two layers. The end result is a continuous, seamless piece of material. The rubber-based top layer provides outstanding elasticity. The unique non-directional surface embossing, free of surface coatings and loose granules, provides greater contact area than other tracks surfaces, as well as greater water flow efficiency in rainy conditions.

EPDM synthetic rubber vulcanization of the further strengthen of the materials of polymer, the good performance for Aging resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance etc.

Natural rubber has excellent properties of high elastic insulation, waterproof, low specific gravity, after appropriate treatment with alkali, heat, cold, pressure. Full solid be consistent from beginning to end, and has maximum compression deformation. Its advanced partition design maximizes absorption and recovery of energy.


Application: for athletic field & athletic running track material of high school, university, physical college, sports center, stadium


Certificate: IAAF Certificate, IAAF Class1st Athletic Facility Certifciate,ISO9001 and ISO14001



1) Foundation requirements: asphalt, or, concrete.  

Using Scrapping machine to scrap the foundation very clean and very flat. 

Using Primer 0.2kg/m2 to brush on the foundation to avoid underground water rising and protect the running track system

2)Preparing installation tools, two components polyurethane adhesive, running track surface roll to start installation, installation of rolls should be from inner to outside, from straight runway to curve runway.

3)Lines marking after finishing installation of rolls 


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