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Poured in place track and filed

Full PU track structure
--Primer/ seal the asphalt
--PU layer with or Without rubber granules
--Spray EPDM top coat
--Line marking

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Product Description

resurface jogging athletic track

Standard Type(13mm thickness)

1. Asphalt base

2. Waterproof primer(1 layer)

3. Full PU with rubber buffering layer(7mm)

4. Strengthen layer(3mm)

5. Full PU wear-resistant Topcoat layer(3mm)

6. Marking Line(2layers)


The Full PU track system is the first choice for professional sports venues. It consists of PU+SBR at the base layer and PU+EPDM particles on the surface layer. The synthetic surface has excellent sports performance, physical properties, good elasticity, weather resistance and anti-nailing properties.


Product Features

Environmental protection: non-toxic, pollution-free, in line with environmental requirements

Any season and temperature difference can maintain high level of quality, and can be used immediately after rain, increasing utilization time and increasing site utilization.

It has the elasticity and rebound force of humidity, reduces sports injuries, and is suitable for long-term practice and competition.

It will not fade, chalk or soften due to the pollution of ultraviolet light, ozone and acid rain, and will maintain its vivid color for a long time.

Wear resistance is less than 2.5%, meeting the needs of schools at all levels for a long time and high frequency

There is no resilience due to the weight of the track and field equipment.

It is also not damaged by spikes or starting blocks in the 100-meter starting point where the force is most frequently used.

It has a strong elastic layer and a buffer layer to absorb strong impact and the surface will not be damaged.

The self-leveling material is used in the construction and the surface is flat, which can meet the requirements of a particularly flat competition venue.

Special construction treatment, strong bonding force, can suppress the rise of water, no blistering, peeling and so on.

Safety: Prevents sports injuries from falling.

Economy: Easy maintenance and saving on management costs.

Color: Special high-elastic EPDM and PU granules with soft surface and granular surface to prevent reflection of glare.



Applicable to official track and field competitions, general sports competitions, various types of school venues.



repaired athletic stadium surface

NO. Item Material Description Usage
Package(kg) Remark
1 CP051 Asphalt base primer 0.50  20  
2 CP058 60-80mesh sand 1.00  25  
3 / Cement 1.00  / Prepared by buyer
4 SBR SBR granule(3-4mm) 3.20  25  
5 RT-014A 1:4seal PU 8.00  25  
6 RT-012TR 1:2 PU seal layer 2.800  30  
7 EPDM EPDM granule(1-3mm)14% 3.500  25  
8 CP079 Hardener 0.017  2  
9 RT-012TR 1:2 PU top coat 1.000  30  
10 CP080 PU resin 0.150  20  
11 RT-015MW White Marking Line set 5.6  

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